Running & Resistance Training with CBDs

My friend asked if my experience of CBDs had changed since I started taking a three-spray does of 1.5 mg late last year. I can’t tell. I started running again in January. So I’m experiencing the endorphin rush of doing about nine miles a week. How am I supposed to tell whether feeling good is from my running or from sticking to the CBD regimen?

Do CBDs improve athletic performance? “Recovery” in physical training is how fast and how well you’re ready to start again. Resistance training, for example, activates your body’s natural repairs. Do CBDs help? Some professional athletes think so. Nick Kovacevich reports in “Cannabis For The Win: Sports Leagues See The Light On CBD” that professional athletes are also using cannabis for non-opioid pain management. So far, there is too little clinical or scientific research on whether CBDs alone improve physical recovery.

Meanwhile, I’m sticking with my running, my resistance training, and my CBDs.

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