Five years from now…

American society has changed a lot in the last five years. Pot decriminalization spread quickly across the states, more jobs stopped discriminating against pot users, more of the underground economy went legit. All this while an opioid epidemic continues to burn. So if you’re using CBDs to work on your sobriety, this is a good time to look ahead at the next five years.

I expect more of the same:

  • Cannabis and related products will continue to be decriminalized, and we’ll see an influx of new workers competing for quality jobs as minor pot convictions are pardoned or set aside.
  • The commercialization of cannabis, cannabinoids, hemp and the like will continue to explode, bringing new jobs to more places.
  • Governments will make great progress preventing opioid addiction and building up treatment and care for addicts.
  • Health insurance will cover prescription CBD uses as clinical research finds more evidence for its efficacy.
  • CBDs will become an everyday safe drug for athletic recuperation.
  • Screening potential employees for cannabis use will become focused on operating heavy equipment and not for the whole workforce.

And there will be plenty of surprises.

Every reason to tend to our sobriety today as we move into a hopeful future.

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