My workout during recovery

Hi, I’m Dave. Here’s what I do.

  • Six sets of ten abdominals, three sets of leg raises and three of backward sit ups.
  • Six sets of squats with medium to high weight resistance.
  • Six sets of upper body strength. Bar dips and military, bench, lats and chest suppression resistance, interchanging these daily, weekly and upping the resistance over time.
  • I end the workout with running either 5k as a higher mileage day and/or 1-2 speed miles in 9-12 minutes, each usually using long strides.

Because substance abuse is both mental and physical obsession, the body must be addressed. A workout creates a constant, ongoing progression of my body feeling content.

This is the workout I used when I first entered recovery. I’m still doing it.

P.S. I drink lots of water. You should too.

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