Some CBD oils are absorbed 3 to 6 times more

Candice Elmore referred me to this review of Puffin. Here’s a snippet:

There’s a lot of hype from a marketing site. When reviews like the one above talk about “the best” CBDs, what is best?

On their own site, Puffin Hemp CBD Oil says they have better bioavailability. “Our CellG8 liposomal hemp has been proven to increase absorption in the blood by 6x conventional edibles and 3x smoking absorption in the lungs.”

This means if you eat the same number of grams of CBDs, six times more gets into your blood because of Puffin’s packaging. Three times more if you inhale it. So this is about the product’s efficacy (how well it works) and efficiency (cost per gram) for the CBDs that actually affect you by getting into your blood.

Candice will let us know about her experience with Puffin. In theory at least, she should need fewer drops to get the same effect. Your experience will vary. Let us know what you find.

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