The “Exile” effect from a substance is a very good when the intention is of a faithful desire !

Today’s church topic was that of the christian faith and its deterioration. I think I know more about the universe that I ever have and am thankful for Christianity. I know about Exile from a deadly addiction and I attributed to my faith thankfully. I like the fact I used the “I” word 8 times with conviction in this statement. The wonderful thing is that I know wear I’ve been and now were I’m going !

Some doctors are now looking at how cannabis could help their patients who are addicted to opioids. Dr. Gary Witman, of CannaCare Docs in New England became one of the first to widely publicize the idea of using cannabis to help people with opioid addictions. The Massachusetts clinic where Dr. Witman is employed has treated 80 patients who suffer from pharmaceutical addictions. The one-month rehabilitation program proved successful for 75% of the patients in the study.

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